Every year, millions of dollars of food go to waste-- this is due to a very powerful, yet highly inefficient food distribution system. Food Distribution Network tackles this epidemic through use of the Blockchain and makes our modern food system safe, efficient, and easy to manage.

What it does

Our project goes beyond the obsolete ledger methods of the past, by turning an erc20 token into a more efficient method of creating, viewing, and exploring usable assets. Once these assets, or in our case foods, are tagged with a unique ID, their entire history from harvesting to their purchase at a retail store can be viewed in an instant. This transparency

How I built it

Using NodeJS to build the dashboard display and an API endpoint to fund the accounts (farmer) with tokens.

Challenges I ran into

Syncing the blockchain takes a while. A long while. We had to figure out how to properly maintain the track record without revealing too much sensitive information on chian.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finding new functionalities for a current smart contract was a really cool thing.

What's next for Food Distribution Network

Hopefully we can work with companies to implement this system!

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