In Canada, $31 billion worth of food ends up in the landfills every year. This comes from excess waste produced by unwanted ugly produce, restaurants overcooking etc. As a team we are concerned about the environment and the role we have to play in shaping a healthy future. While technology often has adverse effects on the environment, there is opportunity to reshape the world through utilizing the power of human connection that technology enables us to do across physical boundaries.

What it does

SAVOURe is a web application with a proposed mobile design that strives to save excess edible food from the landfill by connecting stores, restaurants and events with hungry to people and those in need, who save the food from the landfill through purchasing it at a discounted rate. In particular our app would benefit students and people with lower income who struggle to eat enough each day.

It is built for the consumer and food provider perspectives. We created a database for the providers to quickly post to the community about excess food at their location. Providers specify the type of food, the discounted price, the time it’s available as well as any other specifications.

For the consumer side, we propose an mobile application that allows for quick browsing and purchasing of the food. They have the opportunity to discover nearby providers through an integrated map and once they purchase the food online, they can retrieve their food from the store locker (this alleviates any additional monitoring required by employees).

How we built it

We started off with an ideation phase using colourful crayola markers and paper to hash out the essence of our idea. We then agreed upon what the minimum viable product was, the ability for browsing and restaurants to enter data to post food. From there we divided up the work into frontend, backend and ui/ux design.

Challenges we ran into

One challenge we had was contraining the scope of our project. We brainstormed a lot of useful functionality that we believed would be useful for our user base, from creating “template” postings, to scanning QR code to access storage lockers that would contain the food items. Implementing all of this would have been impossible in the time frame, so we had to decide on a minimal set of functionality, and move many ideas to the “nice-to-have” column.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were trying to solve a problem that would make the world a better place. Not only are we creating a functional app, but we are also putting our skills to use for the improvement of humankind.

What we learned

We learned that we can accomplish creating a solution when we are all heading in the same direction and combine our minds to think together utilizing each of our own strengths.

What's next for SAVOURe

There was a lot of functionality we weren’t able to implement in the given time frame. So there is still plenty of ideas to add into the app. To make the app useful though, we would contact potential food providers, to get a set of discount postings to bring in a customer base.

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