Food Craving

Food Craving was made with love for the Yelp hackathon. This app is a unique and fun way to help find places to eat through rating your cravings!


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Let's find some food

Food Craving is designed to help find places to eat based of what the user is craving.

For an example lets say someone is going out for dinner. Instead of searching for seafood or another general topic Food Craving suggest you rate a few of your palatable ideas. You could enter lobster, crab legs, and oyster then rate how much you want that food item.

The result will return the best Yelp matches for each food item. The benefit in this is that a lot of restaurants specialize in a particular food preparation. The best places to get oysters might not be the best place to get crab legs (it could be). This app helps you decide what you’re hungry for by showing the combined search results and placing any searches that match a term at the top.

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