We were surprised that there weren't any websites or apps that gave us much information about CMU campus food. We were inspired by other food review websites and felt like a similar website could benefit CMU students in particular, especially freshmen. A comprehensive review based on users' experience is objective, reliable, and can serve as an active monitor for our school vendors as well. As an additional and unique feature, we also noticed that many freshmen do not use up their meal blocks and much food was wasted. Since these meal blocks couldn't be finished anyway, we could donate these meal blocks to those who are in more need. This would promote the social good around the Pittsburgh community, as students can provide direct help without incurring much loss or sacrifice themselves.

What it does

Our website contains general information of all on-campus dining services, such as interactive Google map, menu, nutrition fact, and hours of operation. It also contains reviews from different users to evaluate the dining services. Users could rate levels from 1 to 5 or leave comments for other users to refer to. Our web app also includes a feature where people can donate their meal blocks to local charities. We realized that many freshmen do not use up their meal blocks and create much waste. This feature allows meal block donations so these food could be maximally utilized.

How I built it

We built the web app through html, css, and JavaScript.

Challenges I ran into

We had minimal experience with web design or JavaScript. We also found we had too many abstract ideas and spent too much time pursuing topics too ambitious for the limited learning time frame. Much time was spent researching and comprehending the technical skills required.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Every team member put in a lot of effort and we all worked very hard. Although many of our original ideas were not realized, we still were able to build up a functioning and styled website. It is also the first time for us to build a comprehensive website design.

What I learned

We learned the basics of html and css web design. We gained valuable experience regarding collaborative work and communication.

What's next for Food@CMU

We want to find a web hosting service to make our website public. We also want to integrate more features, such as including the general student body into our CMU login data base. We also hope to improve the visual effects of our website.

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