Food Circle is inspired by the idea of bringing social and sustainable aspects to establishment deliveries by connecting communities and local places to maximize benefits for people in the area.

What it does

Food Circle is a web application that harnesses the power of Google Maps to create dynamic circles of customers by grouping orders by area, establishment, and time. Every user in the platform belongs to a circle, just like they belong to a neighborhood.

The circle corresponds to the user's delivery location and represents their food-ordering community. Being in a circle brings many benefits to the users, such as the ease of finding establishments in the area, recommendations based on popularity, flash group deals, and participation in a community of buyers.

Each circle is presented with a panel of deals and establishments nearby. When an order is placed, a flash group deal begins. Everyone in the circle will be notified that they will receive free items, discounts, and perks for ordering from the same establishment by the end of the timer. More people ordering before the timer means more benefits for the entire circle! When the timer reaches zero, the promotions are reset, and a new batch of orders from the same community begins. The local establishments will be able to shape and configure their own marketing parameters of the flash group deals. They will have control to manipulate the areas, deals, timers, stages, and quantity of people.

Besides controlling their own marketing parameters, establishments are given an entire platform to find data about their sales, revenue, circles, and best customers. The places can watch a timelapse of all orders in their store by going to the Timeline page. On this page, they will be able to replay the orders and see the circles and markers popping up on the screen.

By attracting customers and grouping their orders by area, establishments, and time, Food Circle can positively impact the environment by minimizing the number of drivers delivering and picking up food in the area. Food Circle is not only a food delivery platform. It is a platform that builds food communities to benefit local establishments, drivers, customers, and the environment.

How Food Circle was built

The core technology of Food Circle lies in the triangulation of the areas and the creation of communities. Vue.js 3 was used for the Frontend Framework, Pinia was used for state management, Python 3 was used for the backend API, Google App Engine was used for deployment, and Google Firestore was used for the NoSQL database. The Google Maps API was used on both the Front-end (Vue.js) and the Back-end (Python) in order to display the map with custom styling, show dynamic togglable circles, create advanced markers, click events, and much more. Google's Geocoding and Geolocation API was used to interact with coordinates, addresses, and map positions.

## What is next?

Contribution to other developers to explore new Google Maps features and sustainably use them. Improve Establishment data features

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