We are inspired by Greenmarket Co's mission of providing benefits for all the food chain ecosystem, empowering them and providing quality food for underserved communities.

What it does

We hacked a way to maximize the value chain benefits, combining process design to understand the impact and a blockchain-based solution that addresses the challenges for each of the players on the chain.

How we built it

We drafted a customer-centric solution built over Hyperledger fabric, Javascript and ReactJS. We started brainstorming about what to register and what every profile will need to achieve the desired effect.

Challenges we ran into

We found a lot of information we wanted to include, but we prioritized the ones that will add value to the traceability and transparency of the chain, maximizing benefits and offer concrete incentive to all participants in the Blockchain network.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got along very well, found each of the team members' capabilities (technical and functional) related to the challenge, empowered them and worked to get the best results.

What we learned

We learned about Food Chains, how they can be positively impacted with blockchain and about new blockchain initiatives.

What's next for Food Chain

We want this to be a starting point for Greenmarket Co and other similar organizations to see the value of blockchain for their ecosystems, and accelerate its adoption.

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