Many people in our community are reliant on food banks for their nutritional needs. However, covid has greatly impacted the abilities of many food banks to provide to their communities. Food banks also sometimes struggle to account for the nutritional needs of the individual and can have waste.

What it does

We built a web application that helps automate and improve food banks. It customizes rations individually based on each person's nutritional needs such as their gender, height, weight, age, number of days and allergies. It also manages the food bank's inventory so it can be used efficiently and to minimize waste. This helps the food bank feed more people while ensuring that everyone is receiving healthier food.

How we built it

It's built using Python and Flask. The backend including the calculations for the meals is done in Python while the front end shows this information in a convenient format. We also utilized the Repl database to manage the inventory system. The calculation accounts for all factors such as calories, vitamins, and essential nutrients.

Challenges we ran into

For most of us, it was our first time using flask to make webpages and how to integrate python with the front end. It also took a lot of research and trial error to ensure that the formula to calculate the meals was effective and efficient in minimizing waste.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a fully functional web app that helps solve a major issue in our community.

What we learned

We learned a variety of skills from databasing, algorithms, flask, and Python. We also improved our programming and critical thinking skills.

What's next for Food Banks Rations Manager

The UI and UX need to be improved along with an overall rehaul of how the website looks.

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