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Challenges we ran into :

  • It was our first time using Django so every-step of the way, we needed to constantly go read about what we wanted to do and how we could implement it in our app
  • Because Django needs to run on a local computer, it was difficult to work as a team on the project
  • Creating the inventory was particularly hard to do because we had not planned for it initially when we were creating our models, instead of creating a model and putting it in our database, we created a dictionary which is constantly looking for new entries. It is probably not the most efficient way to do it but we were proud to have found a creative solution using our previous knowledge of Python
  • It is possible for our inventory quantity to have a negative value which in reality wouldn't be possible. Because of the previous problem mentioned, it was harder to call the inventory dictionary in our function to check if the request would make the value negative. Considering the limited amount of time we add, we decided to keep it like that but it is definitely something we want to work on.
  • For some mysterious reason, 30 minutes before submitting the project, our edit page stopped working (it was working all night). It is definitely a deception but it shouldn't take too much time to find the problem, it is probably because of the frontend design we added towards the end.

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