A GroupMe bot to collaboratively discover your next food-adventure.


Everyone's hungry, everyone wants to eat together, but no decisions are made. This is a common problem around the world, but especially in college towns across America, where GroupMe is the communication method of choice for friends. FooBot works to solve this problem.

What it does

FooBot quizzes each member of a group chat about their preferences, pickiness, budget and location in a conversational format. Given that information, and using a little bit of magic, it returns the most equidistant restaurant that everyone will enjoy.

How we built it

Python scripts hosted on Amazon EC2, maintained and monitored with bash scripts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to solve a common real-life problem. This can not be said by most, even at hackathons! This is not a tech demo, or a server built with Haskell, but instead a real finished product that will make our lives easier.

What we learned

Server-sided automatic error handling was a chore, but we eventually accomplished it.

What's next for FooBot

We hope to eventually expand to further chat platforms and offer suggestions for other services such as entertainment, hikes etc. In the future we could even build FooBot into a web-client where friends would not have to rely on chat services.

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