Have you ever tried to go to lunch with your friends and were unable to pick a place? One friend wanted to stay nearby for some Chipotle, another wants to go out for some Thai food, and a third wants to go to a new Indian place a half-hour away.

Enter Foober. With Foober, you search for your type of restaurant within a radius, and add in what your friends want, and press Pick! One spin later, you have a place and an Uber to get you there.

We made this using Android Studio and several APIs to search for the data, get the businesses and display it to the user. Google Maps powers the map interface, Yelp powers the business search, Picasso powers the ability to show the photos from the Yelp post to the user and Uber takes you to the food.

We met in the group social and talked it over and 36 hours later, we have this product for you to use. Eat up, be merry and cut out the arguing? Hungry? Get some Foober!

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