We were initially trying to play the game and hit as many requirements for the opt-in prizes as possible. We then realized we just wanted to enjoy the experience, so we started brainstorming about possible app ideas. We realized that the process for deciding where to eat with your friends was in great need of revamping. We knew how intuitive Tinder's card based interface was to use, so we used this to gain inspiration towards our app's layout.

What it does

Helps pick restuarants

How we built it

React-native front end, node.js express MSSql back end

Challenges we ran into

Sleep, AWS firewall policy

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the entire frontend and backend built in less than 24 hours

What we learned

Useful industry applicable skills

What's next for FooBar

The American Dream and the Manifest Destiny on the New Frontier

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