Getting things done can be hard. If you're in college for instance, getting to classes is a chore and getting assignments done in a timely manner is a bigger chore. If you're in your 20's then getting your life together is a whole mess in and of itself. How does one organize one's self into accomplishing all of these hard (and sometimes mundane) tasks and becoming a very goal-driven accomplished individual?

Our iOS mobile app will utilize societal pressure to motivate these students to accomplish their tasks. It allows you to set a list of tasks along with deadlines to accomplish them and (if it applies) it allows you to set a location that you must be at in order to accomplish that goal. The location-based deadline would be for a daily deadline to make it to your classes or to maybe get to your job on time etc. If the goal is not met and the person does not arrive at his/her deadlined location then the app will automatically (by utilizing the Twilio API) have text messages sent to their preset friends/family members to receive a shaming notification pressuring you into accomplishing your deadlines!

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