As a graphic designer, I often have difficulty finding the perfect font for my design. Depending on the situation, sometimes you need to find that perfect font that matches up with the surrounding images. However, the current font databases that exist are lacking in ways to find fonts. Thus, we wanted to make a more descriptive font database.

What it does

Our font database allows users to contribute to font descriptions. Users are presented with an interactive game that serves as an easy way to contribute to our database. In thirty seconds, anyone can improve the quality of the database by suggesting keywords or short phrases that describe the font. We're using the power of human thinking to improve a process that would be much more difficult for computers to accomplish. Since our database will be directed towards other people, human validation is a very important part of our project. Each font tag needs to be suggested multiple times before it appears in the database. This ensures that the tags present are an accurate perception of the font by many different people. Through this process, we will many descriptive font tags that makes it easy for anyone to find the perfect font for the perfect occasion.

How I built it

The front end font listing and game are created with AngularJS, while the back end consists of Laravel running on a LAMP server.

Challenges I ran into

Overall, this project was quite the learning experience, as most of us did not have prior experience with AngularJS. However we managed to learn a lot, and managed to create a working build of our project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're especially proud of how much AngularJS we've learned in 12 hours. We're also proud of how we created a fully functioning web application that anybody can use to find and describe fonts.

What I learned

While we gained a lot of programming experience, we also learned how to work as a team. It was a great bonding experience for all of us, and had a lot of fun at our first hackathon.

What's next for Fontacular!

While our site is fully functional, there is still a lot that we can improve on. For example, while we currently have a limited amount of fonts on the server, we plan to allow users to upload fonts in the future. Our game could also be improved, with more engaging gameplay elements, to encourage others to contribute. All in all, this was an incredible experience, and we hope to continue hacking in the future.

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