We believe business cards is unfortunately one of the greatest social inefficiencies of the 21st century. Everyone asks for business cards, but no one ever follows up. Here's a prominent entrepreneur with the exact issue.

What it does

Follow Up is a powerful iOS app that uses Google Vision API and ML Kit to scan any business card and generates customizable and relevant followup messages.

How we built it

We use Google Vision API for optical character recognition and implemented an ML model for recognizing key placeholders.

In addition, to build the customizable Email backend, we built custom tag CRM backend that allow of special values that can determine everything from custom meeting scheduling links to event and location parameters that can be added to the email templates. Emails are automatically generated based on context.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As mostly first time iOS developers, we were proud of developing a beautiful yet functional iOS app that's both easy to use and still implements powerful MKKit APIs using Firebase to successfully scan business cards.

What's next for Follow Up

This is not just an app that makes it easier to send emails. It saves time to help build new relationships.

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