The easy, foolproof way to track those vital tasks during the day. Every day contains a variety of small but vital tasks. Sometimes it's a real nightmare to prioritize, remember and manage all these follow-ups. This is where my app comes in.

Designed to work with a small screen

When creating the follow-ups the most important thing was to have very clean and easy interface, so you can do it quickly on a smartwatch. My main focus was to create a super-light system to manage your daily duties.

I have found Galaxy Gear a perfect environment for creating follow-ups. Why ? Because it is very close to your body all the time. You can easily define a task, attach recorded voice or take a photo. Take a look at the flow chart showing all the options the app offers:

Tiny but useful, users will love it

This is just the beginning of this app. My intention is to create the best utility for small task management for Galaxy Gear. I don't want to make it over complicated, but simply useful and practical TO DO list for wearables.


I have noticed there are some task management apps in the contest already, but I think my app is unique, because I have mainly focused to improve interaction with smartwatch whereas other apps are focused on integration with other task systems.

My goal was to have really good app optimized for smartwatch.

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