Follow the Freight is an innovative solution that provides flight status insights for a list of airway bills. The user has to simply input the airway bills he/she would like to track and trace. Flight information is displayed visually on a world map as well as in a compact menu on the side. The user is free to choose which airway bills he/she would like to see on the map. It is always possible to remove an airway bill from the list. More information on the particular flight is available via an information pop-up above every flight description box


The cargo airline industry is fast growing and the need for change is inevitable. Every day freight forwarders go to work with the task to track and trace a list of shipments. That requires not only a lot of effort by searching the information in various places, but also it’s a time consuming process. What if they had an easier way to do this? A tool that combines everything in a single platform and provides visual insights on the flight status for a number of airway bills. Easy, user-friendly and fast. Let us introduce you to Follow The Freight (FTF).


This solution is limited to the timeframe of this hackathon competition. However, for a future extendibility purposes, we have thought of several features that will enrich our solution even more. Firstly, authentication can be added to provide a more personal experience for the users. A user would then be able to upload a CSV file with all airway bill numbers automatically to the platform. Another extension could be displaying more details regarding the milestone events. This information would particularly be valuable to freight forwarders, who want to show more detailed information about a delayed flight or the complex cargo process. Working together with a flight tracker partner or via the airlines themselves, real-time flight data could be provided to more accurately display the location of a flight if it has departed.

Added Value

This solution has a great impact in the cargo industry mainly because it solves daily problems for forwarders all over the world. Especially large forwarders with a large amount of active shipments with multiple airlines will benefit from this platform. It is a custom single-platform solution which makes the steps for forwarders’ employees much easier. With its innovative design and user-friendly functionality it provides a high-quality experience. The visual map representation aims to illustrate the journey in a way that is not usually present in the cargo airway industry. Last, but not least our solution is enriched with insights on flight status data.

Criteria & Technologies

The solution is realised as a fully working prototype developed for this One Record Hackathon competition. It fulfills the judging criteria by solving the Track and Trace challenge (presented by the organisators of this hackathon), making use of all 3 APIs provided, providing a creative and original solution with great market demand. With this solution we strike to use not only innovative ideas but also technologies, see the list below:

● Figma (for design prototype) ● NodeJS + Express (for back-end API) ● VUE JS (for front-end)

Resources: ● APIs provided in this hackathon: KLM Cargo, Lufthansa, Qatar ● Additional APIs used: FlightStats, Google Maps

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