Meme.....lots of memes. We like to call our self the "Meme Dream Team". It really started off with one member just asking a friend if they wanted to do a hackathon and that's how we're here working off caffeine.

What it does

Currently farmers have to fill physical paper forms and submit them for compliance, which takes time and paper resources. This is ineffective due to the maintenance which also makes bookkeeping and management more complex due to the reliance of physical forms instead of having the data stored in a database.

Our application is a simplified forms submission to keep track of all the information farmers have to fill out for compliance. This would reduce paper waste, easier tracking and tracing of products, and overall better management for the farmers. Third party auditors would also have an easier time going through the data/forms versus the physical copies.

How we built it

Trial and error x9000

Challenges we ran into

Everything......everything was a challenge when we were developing this application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning a new language. We tried working with something that we usually don't use, going outside of our comfort zone.

What we learned

Coding with react. Making a video with Photostory Deluxe. All the errors when compiling. It's good to have a wire-frame to refer back to when we forget something.

What's next for Follow the 'Aina

Day 2 and other implementations like trace back and emails. We also wanted to make it mobile friendly for the farmers since they're mostly out in the field, so then they can easily fill out information on the go as they work.

Local Installation

  1. Fork and clone this project
  2. Change your directory to the project folder
  3. In your terminal run npm install
  4. In your terminal run npm start


Usage is provided under the MIT License. See LICENSE for the full details.

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