• Societies today are busier than ever. With the advent of modern social media websites, we have come closer to people far away from us. But what about people close to us?

  • Even though there are so many platforms that leverage the power of connectivity, many of the times when we need it, we seldom find people who share our interests.

    • Consider Aryan who loves to play basketball, even though there is a fantastic basketball court in his locality he is unable to find players to play matches with. Sometime later he finds someone playing alone in the court. After talking to them he also realises that they lived nearby. This incident is more of a fantasy because more often than not we don't find people who share our interests. Until Now…
    • The Internet has become the new teacher, and because of this, the concept of peers is going extinct. Consider Divya an enthusiastic dancer, who wishes to work on her moves along with other professional dancers but isn't able to find anyone to provide valuable remarks on her mistakes and also she finds it very difficult to gather a like-minded audience. Again having people to dance with and learn from seemed more like a distant dream. Until Now……
    • A popular brand wants to reach out to its target audience, but the existing ad platforms work on the basis of user search history. What if the user didn't even know if that kind of product exists in the market or not. Well it would be great if these brands could get a platform which links them directly to their target audience. Imagine a community of football,cricket,basketball players waiting for the ad to get launched so that they can purchase the latest deals.

Solution offered:

  • All the above mentioned problems along are being solved by just a single platform that we are offer.

  • Base Solution
    • Providing an activity-based social networking platform (mobile application and website) to connect with people sharing similar interests.
    • A Platform to create events online(For eg - A football match, dance face-offs, offline group discussions etc.) by any user registered in the app.
    • A platform to provide ads to specific target audiences - from the sponsors/hosts perspective.
  • The great part being that all these platforms are combined into one single platform. Please find about the idea in detail in the design explanation.

Design Explanation

  • Our app users will be of three kind-

    • The first being people who want to join the community of whatever activity they want to get involved with or people who want to connect with more people sharing similar interests with them and hence participate in events with them.
    • They have the ability to join events and connect to various people on the platform.
    • The second category comprises the users who feel the lack of people to participate in events that they are interested in conducting.
    • They have the ability to create events if they feel the lack of similar events in nearby areas. The first user kind would be able to join into these events.
    • The third category of user is the users who are going to use the paid services. They comprise the people who host paid events, provide advertisements and promotions on our platform.
  • On logging in our app users would be able to view all the events going on in the nearby regions, with those events being highlighted in which he has previously shown interest. This would basically help him find members to collaborate with on the activity (e.g. players for the football match).

  • The users will be able to create events if they are not able to find a suitable event going on. Our platform will provide options to filter the people to whom the event would be visible ( e.g. open the event only for a particular age group).

  • In broad terms the events can be divided into 4 types - Open, Closed, Invites-only and Paid.

    • Open events are open for all(except those who are initially filtered by the host).
    • Closed events are events where the participants can put a request to the host and the host can accept/reject the request after viewing the user's previous activity highlight and profile.
    • Invites-only are events where the host invites only a specific set of people whom the user wants to join the event.
    • Paid are events with a particular registration fee, these events are basically tournaments where there will be rewards. Our platform serves the purpose of helping the event reach out to the concentrated interested audience.
  • We will provide various subsets target audiences to brands for putting up their advertisements. This way the ads and events would be able to reach out to the depth of the interested communities. Hence a way more efficient and accurate marketing platform than the existing ones.

  • The app has a social networking interface integrated into it. A squad is a group of people with a specific interest. So the user can join squads or individually connect with members on the platform. Users would be able to share event highlights and their total activity with others, moreover they will be able to get in touch with a totally new community with whom they just met in an event. Users will be able to share the events they are going in or the ones that they have created within their squads and individual members.

"That's all Folks!"

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