Want to learn more about a flower, tree, or plant you've been given or have found? Having trouble taking care of plants? Always forget to water them?
What if we had an app that allows you to simply take a photo of a plant, and upload it. Then, it shows you its name, species, and a guideline on how to take a good care of it! Wouldn’t it be nice?

What it does

FoliumAI uses visual recognition to help you identify plants from photographs of their leaves. Simply take a photo of a plant, and upload it! FoliumAI would immediately show you its name, species, a description, bloom time, maintenance level, and a guideline on how to take a good care of it! Also, it sends you a notification to remind you to water your plant!

How WE built it

We use react native to build the front end. We utilize Azure custom computer vision API to identify plants from photographs of the leaves. We then leverage ML to train 3000 images of plants.

Challenges I ran into

Everyone tried to utilize new tools and to use a new programming language on the spot. We had trouble integrating the three components of the project- front-end, translation part, and the ML back-end. We weren't able to get too much help from the mentors since no one was familiar with React native and ML, so figuring things out on our own in such a short amount of time was relatively challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Everyone on the team was willing to learn something new and try something we were unfamiliar with. It's great to be able to build something with "strangers" in 24 hours and to learn almost everything on the spot.

What's next for FoliumAI

Add a profile feature so users are able to store and share a list of their favourite plants. Implement a condition and disease check to notify the users of their plants' health status. More pictures of leaves, flowers, seeds for education purposes

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