We got our inspiration from our friends from the Faculty of Arts in NUS. Two friends of ours actually complained there was a lack of a LinkedIn-like site to display their art portfolio, which included their poetry, their photography, and videos they made, alongside their work experience, in a concise and simple way. One of my friends actually learnt to code too but finds it hard to display it unless he gets a certification online, which can be costly.

What it does

Folio allows you to drag and drop different features such as videos, images, code, and other descriptions you might have about your diverse skill sets and personal interests to create the ultimate portfolio. It is simple to use, suitable for everyone, can be used to display your personal passions beyond the workplace, and is especially good for art students to build their portfolios.

How we built it

The backend API was built with Ruby on Rails and deployed on Heroku. Our frontend was built using React and Redux, centered on react-beautiful-dnd by Atlassian, and deployed on netlify.

Challenges we ran into

Embedding the videos, file management, and three of us not knowing React beforehand and having to learn and improvise on the spot were some key challenges in building the site.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The website is in amazing working condition considering we are all freshmen who have only recently learnt to code. Not only that, we see its value in the real world for people applying for professional roles, for freelance artists looking for gigs, for students to display their passions outside of school, and the list goes on. Furthermore, we started completely from scratch and built the website while learning how to use React as we coded, which is the first for us.

We implemented some interesting hacks, such as converting images into text strings so that they can be saved on Heroku's ephemeral file system via postgresql.

What we learnt

We learnt what each other's skillsets were, and how to use React to build a website with drag and drop features, which was really cool.

What's next for Folio

We aim to improve the functionality by adding more droppable elements such as PDFs, as well as increasing the capacity for media uploads

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