As we were performing our initial brainstorming into finance-related hacks that could bring the innovation of the tech space into the financial world. We saw that much had already been done. Applications of ML/DL in the algorithmic trading space were being spearheaded by Two Sigma, and Renaissance Technologies, and many previous projects submitted to other hackathons had already tried to tackle tying in Natural Language Processing to stock prediction, with frankly poor results at best.

When the idea struck us, "How does this not exist?"

We noticed that while there were communities for discussion on the internet for specific stocks. Discussion on entire portfolio allocations was an area that was largely unexplored especially in the modern social network format. This inspired us to create Folio.

What it does

Folio is a social network that enables discussion between investors on portfolio strategy.

Using the Blackrock Aladdin API, users can assemble their own financial portfolios to publish onto the Folio network and discuss their portfolio and others' as well, compare their performance to others on the Folio network, and compete on our global leaderboard.

By enabling direct performance and exposure comparison between users, Folio provides the tools necessary to enable discussion, encourage competition and eliminate inefficiencies in portfolio strategy design.

How we built it

Folio is primarily built with HTML & CSS. Python is used to assemble the API Caller & the data visualizations. Blackrock's Aladdin API is used to provide data for our total portfolio return as well as data on over 6000 tickers on both the NYSE & NASDAQ.

Challenges we ran into

Social media has been in the news often recently for sacrifices that they've made to privacy and security. The primary challenge that we ran into was keeping our program secure. Implementing cores (cross origin resource policy) to keep our program secure for users was a top priority for us that we are proud to have pursued despite the challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're especially proud of the way that we combined portfolio visualization and social networks in a slick package that is sure to impress. We truly think that we've enabled the next wave of discussion and interaction between investors around the globe.

What's next for Folio

Including more visualizations to enable deeper discussion in the investing community. Integrating portfolio verification to ensure that users are actually taking the positions that they publish. Scaling Up.

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