It can be hard and awkward to ask how your friends and family are financially invested in different asset classes: whether equities, futures, cryptocurrencies, etc. Yet it is common to learn about different investment vehicles through suggestions of friends, online communities and family members.

What it does

We propose a social platform for traders and investors to learn about each other’s alternative investments and compete in weekly & monthly portfolio performance tournaments.

How we built it

Our proof of concept is built around cryptocurrency assets. We connected to Binance's API (World's largest cryptocurrency exchange). Web development is built with angular.js. There is a global and community (for friends to compete) leaderboard

Challenges we ran into

We wanted to connect to APIs of exchanges for all assets including equities (common stock), indices (S&P 500), Commodities, Bonds and forex but found the API buildout very challenging. We also wished we had time to make the platform more social and interactive.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Binance API Key, Homepage, leaderboard, profile, idea generation

What we learned

Exchanges do not have easy to work with APIs.

What's next for Foliate

Allow people to connect with their friend and families' portfolio by connecting with Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Creating better widgets and charts to visualize portfolio performances and diversification.

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