Our customer Ministry of Health (the CIO specifically) found the vFoglight ChangeBack out of the box functionality to be too Complex and less relevant to their needs.

What it does

calculates the Cost of a Foglight Service Group (typically a production system of the customer) by static cost parameters the customer can input into foglight (i.e a cost of an Anti-virus license) and also the cost of foglight monitoring inventory being collected for this service components (i.e number of CPUs for each virtual/physical server in the group).

How I built it

the information/cost values for each service is stored in new Foglight Registry Variables and the information is being updated into different Registry Values per Service. static costs of servers hardware are also stored in new registry variables and are taken into calculation. Foglight services group business application servers into groups. the dashboard is built with "parameterized inputs, to allow quick changing between Foglight service (Customer Systems)

Challenges I ran into

due to lack of knowlege/expertise with creating new foglight topologies (which would have been a more... ideal approch to this project) it was a major to challenge to make a built in machanism to support this development (mostly revolves around Registry Variables).

another major Challenge was to understand the Excel Sheet the customer used to calculate costs with until then :) and then translating this into foglight calculation inside WCF functions. creating new WCF components such as "UI forms"

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

our customer can now quickly understand cost and modify cost factors of his organisation systems.

What I learned

a lot about groovy and WCF. more important is how flexible foglight can be to do stuff that has nothing to do with monitoring.

What's next for Foglight Customized ChargeBack

make this new created functionality to to be used by different teams in the customer environment.(i.e finance/app owners/IT operation ... etc.)

Built With

  • foglight-registry-variables
  • foglight-services
  • groovy
  • xml
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