This app is composed of Gear widget which is a digital clock, and Android's Styler app by which users can customize various digital styles.

Clock has 4 columns of blocks. One column tells one digit of current time(hour:minute), and it has 4 blocks in it. Most of existing binary clocks use digits or binary-format blocks, however I think it's less intuitive for telling time.

This clock uses 4 blocks and its color or shapes for one digit, so 4 blocks can tell 10 digitals.

Current Android's Styler app provides only one style of blocks, and each block can have only some shapes, not images. I will add various features like those.

Using Styler, users can select block styles(will be updated), background color/image, crop that image, apply some predefined filter effects to image, and customize one block shape.

Style1 Style2 Style3 Style4

This style of block could be applied to Gear Fit for vertically viewing clock. Gear Fit

Each FoFoClock's block style uses 4 or 5 patterns for telling time. Normally digit 0, 1, 5, 6 is specific. Users can customize its shape, (will be able to add image).

One block is compoed of 3 layers, from bottom to top, and each layer has one shape of drawing(rectangle, rounded-rectangle, circle). Combining these layers, users can draw some shapes of block.

Bottom layer has only SOLID shape, but middle and top layers can has HOLE shape. To my regret, current app dosen't provide Image block. I will update this feature.

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