In the midst of the pandemic, the world has begun to trade in-person meetings for those conducted remotely over Zoom and other online services. While this transition has been relatively painless for the younger generations, many in the elderly population who initially faced difficulties and challenges with technology face an even greater hurdle as more of their beloved services move online. Moreover, most online resources aimed at helping users solve these issues and challenges have failed to implement senior-friendly UI and UX practices, leading to a myriad of issues for older users. As a result of this lack of senior-friendly designs, seniors are left frustrated by the difficulties they face in simply navigating to a solution for their technical issues. Additionally, many of the websites claiming to offer "solutions" to technical issues actually serve malware and viruses which masquerade as technical solutions, leading to a far greater rate of malware infections among the older population of technology users compared to younger users. All of these issues led to the development of Fofo, the senior-friendly platform that offers technical help and support in an easy and accessible manner for all.

What it does

Fofo offers technical support solutions in an easy to read and accessible manner, which can be quickly discovered from the starting page through one of three options: our signature triage wizard, the recommended collection, and the frequently asked collection.

Triage Wizard

The Triage Wizard follows a four-step process in order to determine the most relevant solutions for a user's problem.

  1. The user enters a short sentence that summarizes their problem, such as "my browser crashed"
  2. The platform will confirm with the user that they did not misspell anything in their search query, which is a helpful feature especially for seniors that are often prone to small typing mistakes which could cause extraneous results if not caught
  3. The platform will perform a triage, which is essentially a series of questions designed to narrow the scope of the problem in order to find the most relevant solutions
  4. Once the platform is satisfied with the triage, it will offer the user a set of three relevant solutions ordered by helpfulness (that is, how helpful the solution was for previous users that faced a similar issue). The user can also choose to "Show More" relevant solutions if they are not satisfied by the first three results.

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