Lack of awareness about how much water people use, too big wastage of water, lack of fair price in splitting the bill for water.

What it does

Gives an easy way to check water usage in given household/dorm/company, which is presented visually and can be understood by anybody. Introduces an idea to keep track of who is using water and encourages people to improve their habits in terms of water usage.

How we built it

An essential element is the website, where users can see graphs of their daily/weekly/monthly water usage for either all the users or a specific one. Moreover, there are numerical stats, a notification section which displays important messages (for example if the systems detects a possible leak) and an aquarium widget (which is basically even more visualized version of daily water usage) that can be used by both adults and children to keep track of the situation and set goals. We decided to choose a doormat sensor that can be placed just in front of bathroom that recognizes who is entering the room and keeping this data in the database. This way, both the company and the users can always check exactly who and when they use water. For users like dorms, it can let people split the bills equally, while in households for instance family members can check the usage and teach the others to use less water. This way of measuring who is using the water currently is only of many solutions and we chose it based on a quick survey we conducted during the hackathon.

Challenges we ran into

Lack of suitable hardware we could build a prototype of; No good non-invasive way of measuring who is using the water; Problems with domain;

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Website with an easy to understood dashboard showing all the important data; A way to encourage people to save water by setting daily goals; A way to keep track of who is using water;

What we learned

Ways of recognizing individuals; A lot about water usage and ways to improve it; Team work; Consumers needs(what they are comfortable with, after our survey);

What's next for FodsGrund

Funding; Mobile app; Creating appropriate hardware; Trying the solution on actual users;

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