Inspired by a problem in current food delivery services (at least as seen in Thailand). Most drivers drive motorbikes as a delivery vechicle. Also, the government is suggesting everyone to stay home. Therefore, the drivers are the most risky group toward the COVID-19. The solution was inspired by seeing people controlling drones. So I think this could solve the problem.

What it does

Fodeld (an acronym for "Food delivery drone") is a specialized unmanned aerial vehicle aimed to serve the demand of food for people staying at home. In the current days, people are encouraged to stay home. But deliverypersons are prone to COVID-19 and we want to minimize that risk. So we want a solution to solve the problems as follow:

  • Reduce the risk of infection on deliverypersons
  • Develop the speed of food delivery process
  • Encourage people to stay at home

Fodeld is a product that solves all the specified problems. By using an unmanned aerial vehicle, delivery could be done faster, there is no need for deliverypersons to go out, and everyone can stay home with a better access to basic needs. Businesses can join with Fodeld as another e-commerce platform. Stores and restaurants can publish catalogs and receive orders real-time. Customers can browse the website as a normal online store website. When an order is placed, and the business provider confirmed the order, a fodeld will automatically fly from its base to the position of the business. The fodeld will receive the product and deliver it to the customer. And it will come back to its base. The current prototype plan only support one customer and one business per order.

How I built it

I used Three.js with typescript to provide demo model and front-end website. The fodeld programming parts are still blank for me.

Challenges I ran into

Using react-three-fiber is really a burden for me! Creating (even just a model prototype) is really challenging, I think real drones must be much more harder to be created. Real implementation problems such as power usage, flying time, or unexpected situations such as collisions, being hit or shot by people are still unsolved challenges.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Developed a basic 3D model and a homepage of the system. Developed a solution to some real-life problems.

What I learned

Applied design thinking process as a start for building innovations. Using mathematical modelling to simplify the future plan.

What's next for Fodeld

  • Front-end (Customer and Business)
  • Back-end (Queue and Process)
  • Fodeld Manufacture
  • Fodeld Programming
  • Testing

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