Distractions are all around us. We all have our spaces to study, to create, to relax, and to experience in. Sometimes those places are inaccessible, but with Virtual Reality, we want to change that.

By combining Cognitive Science research on Attention, Memory, and State Dependent Learning, we designed a system that teleports you into an immersive, minimal, and distraction free environment wherever you physically are.

In State Dependent Learning, Encoding Variability of environments is key to being able to perform at an optimal level in any environment.

What it does

FocusVR puts you in your own customized Virtual Environment. Be it by the Beach, in the Sky, or in Space, you'll feel energized and focused to concentrate on the task at hand. With Leap Tracking Technologies, we bring in an ordinary pencil into VR with you to write with. Choosing to be by the beachside, the sky, or in space

How we built it

Hardware: Oculus DK2, 2 Leap Motion IR tracker

Software: Open source SDK's from Oculus, Leap Motion, and Leap Motion tools, Water asset from Unity Asset Store (!/content/53519) 3D Model from Sketchfab ( Sounds from Youtube (

Challenges we ran into

Due to our revolutionary design, we had to pioneer a way to combine two PC's with two Leap Motion trackers into a single Unity VR Experience. Ergonomic Designs to the Environmental UI required a lot of tinkering around to get just right. Experimenting with spatial audio cues for prompts is relatively unknown of.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We nailed the 3D Writing/Drawing tool (something that hasn't been done before) Countless hours were spent ensuring on User Experience by having comfortable environment transitions

What we learned

Designing 360° 3D environments requires a different way to thinking about User Interfaces, Interactions, and Input Methods. Organize team tasks in an Agile manner to ensure maximum productivity across the board. Sleeping is Important

What's next for FocusVR

Lots! We plan to continue this project. Adding in additional functions, such as:

  • Drawing 3D Shapes
  • More environments, more features, more customizability
  • Intensify study capabilities

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