Have you ever learned a segment of code, and forgot what it stood for?

There are so many languages devs have to keep up with these days, that the process can be time consuming and annoying! DevDiary is here to help!

I've always picked up skills by learning new languages and frameworks However as I often come back to these frameworks at different times, I often forget useful commands or snippets of code that I have researched before. So I thought it would be cool to create a place to save these snippets of code and hopefully integrate markdown and have a Developer Diary.

Technical difficulties

Everyone on our team is either brand new to web development or have just recently started. This project was a learning experience and we had trouble finding the right back-end to serve our purpose and developing a dynamic web program to service information to the client. The hardest part for us was developing the back-end server to service user diary snippets.

Improving developer's lives

For developers who can't remember how to replicate something they've done/researched before, they can now look back at a dedicated code diary for them.

What does it use?

It uses Firebase for authentication and keep track of user token and references it with our MongoDB to service data for that specific user.

How does it affect a hackathon?

Hackathons are a great place to learn new languages and you often discover new things from others. Having a centralized place to save these cool tricks into diary posts would be useful for future reference.

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