Learning disabilities impede cognitive growth and make it difficult to form healthy lifestyle routines. For instance, people diagnosed with ADHD can often find it hard to focus on academics and making important life decisions. With this in mind, FocusPocus aims to help individuals complete their day-to-day tasks and form healthy routines through the use of positive reinforcement and functional reminders integrated into electronic devices.

What it does

  • Program that provides helpful alerts and notifications to encourage productivity and facilitate decision making
  • Integrated with other personal and work calendar (Google/Apple Calendar) programs to avoid interrupting meetings/events
  • Incorporates user-inputted list of activities/hobbies to promote a healthy work-life balance throughout the day
  • Supplies daily motivational messages to help maintain productivity
  • Includes a streak function and bonus features to monitor daily productivity status and provides tips on how to improve/form healthy habits
  • Compatible with mobile devices and laptops/desktops

How we built it

This idea is still in the making and we hope to complete it soon.

Challenges we ran into

The major obstacle we ran into was identifying the needs of people ADHD.

What's next for FocusPocus

The next step is completing the design of the app and testing it with people that have ADHD. This will help us update the program and tweak it to the needs of our users based on the comments we receive.

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