Once you take notes with FocusNotes you'll never go back. When you sit in a lecture what options do you currently have to take notes? You can write with a pencil/pen, but if you're in a really rigorous class, chances are you're going to write way too slow to keep up. You probably won't understand the professor at all until you review the material later on your own. You could type on a laptop but then you're frequently taking your attention off of the professor the type on your screen. You're neck is going up and down constantly, and if there's ever a diagram or equation written on the board, you're speed goes out the window. You could not take notes and focus on the professor, but good luck remembering any of it 3 hours later.

That's why we made FocusNotes. FocusNotes allows you to focus on a speaker at the same time as focusing on your notes by creating a simple yet powerful bulleted note taking text editor on Glass. You can follow along with the professor wherever they may walk in the room and have your notes right infront of you. Just use your own laptop keyboard to type and use our cool UI. Plug glass into your laptop so it never runs out of juice. Simple! Just save it and we push the file, completely converted to a beautifully formatted bulleted Word Document, to your SkyDrive, as if you'd taken notes on a laptop (plus some extras thanks to Mashery).

But honestly, all the utility aside, the UI is the best part. You can't just make a normal text editor on Glass. It's a totally different experience and you don't have the space for it. That's why we've made some cool improvements. We bring a bulleted experience without indenting, and always keep the subtopic you are currently typing about on the top of the screen so that you don't loose where you are.

And don't forget, for the neck strained students out there that are tired of looking down at a book and then back up again at a laptop for hours, FocusNotes is PERFECT. Not to mention you never have to spend the time finding your spot on the page.

We're students who wanted this for ourselves to use, and we made it. We hope you enjoy it.

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