As students, we're all familiar with the difficulties of balancing class workloads every day. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to prioritize and work on first, so we thought that we could create a website that could decide for you.

What it does

Our website is designed to help users manage their assignments; first, users input the classes they're taking, then the assignments they currently have to do along with related information. Then, the website will sort the assignments by their urgency depending on the inputted factors.

How we built it

We used HTML for the main site, CSS for styling, and JavaScript for page functions. Flask was also used for development. JS localStorage was used to store user data in the backend. We also developed an algorithm to calculate assignment priority. Figma was used for frontend brainstorming, and we designed the initial interface there.

Challenges we ran into

Our first difficulty was that our initial idea was not feasible, so we had to switch to this one. We also were originally aiming to implement a database for data storage, but we decided to go for a simpler solution instead. We also dealt with the limitations of time and the virtual format of the project by communicating when possible, but some features we wanted to have, such as an assignment calendar, were not eventually implemented.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that the final product is functional and accessible, and that most of what we wanted to make was successfully implemented. We were able to integrate pieces of our individually coded work together to operate seamlessly, and we made sure to discuss our progress regularly to make this possible. Additionally, the site is mobile-responsive and looks clean on any platform.

What we learned

We learned about HTML inputs, CSS grid styling and formatting, JavaScript properties and functions, and using tools such as Figma, Trello, Git/GitHub and more. More broadly, we also gained experience with a project workflow and turning our idea into reality.

What's next for FocusFinder

Future features for FocusFinder could include implementing the calendar to track assignments, switching to more comprehensive database storage, and improving the frontend design and functionality. Minor bugs and formatting issues could also be improved on.

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