In these unprecedented times, people are being asked to stay at home because of the epidemic that has taken over our world. Society is already beginning to adapt to this change, and considering moving towards a more digitilized lifestyle. Students are now faced with a new challenge: online courses. This sudden and unexpected and sudden change brings us to the question: how can we improve the quality of E-learning, especially since statistics show us that students lose focus during online courses.

This is how we came up with the idea of FocusEd.

What it does ?

FocusEd is an application destined for students and teachers, it watches the posture of the student and reminds them to focus on their online course and keep a healthy posture by detecting their movements. The lack of attention span is detected by the model that uses the camera data of the student and forwards it to the teacher. This will also help the university administration in order to perform statistics on students' productivity and hence make better decisions to improve their experience. FocusEd allows motivating the student not only to attend their online classes but also to stay focused because the teacher has his data and can sanction him for it.

We built our solution using Computer Vision and movement detection. The model will be integrated with a web application for the teachers, the students, and the university administrators. The professor can access the application account created by the administrator, next, he can create a timed “session” to inform the students to join in. The student receives a notification, they can choose to join the session, and hence, their movements will be detected by the model which will warn them because of their bad posture and eventually inform the professor by sending a detailed report at the end of the session.

If the student doesn't join the session, this also will be included in the report sent to the professor.

The challenges we ran into :

Among the main challenges, we ran into is our loss of the AI model just after finishing it, it was devastating for a moment but we didn't waste time and started redoing and reimplementing it. Going half the way we found the model and it was saved but it took us a considerable amount of time trying to restore it.

This is why we're a bit late with the implementation of the solution.

What we have learnt :

We learned computer vision and react development, we also worked on the prototype since we don't have a designer on our team. We also learned to think about the marketing strategy of the solution. It was a great experience to work in a team and learn new tools.

We intend to sell our solution to universities, add a mobile interface in the future, and expand our solution to include employers and online workers.

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