All of us have friends or know of someone who has ADHD. ADHD is characterized by being easily distracted, especially by sounds in our everyday life such as a cough or car honk. From this idea of noise distractions, we decided to try creating noise-cancelling headphones for anyone just wanting to focus (because anyone can be distracted at times).

What it does

Focus is a web application that controls your headphones. Cancels noise and adjusts volume of certain sounds depending on the environment/activity you want to focus in. For example, Focus allows you to hear traffic while you're jogging but not the conversations of your neighbors.

How we built it

We used pyAudioAnalysis to isolate sounds. Through machine-learning we were able to recognize the sounds of voices, music, alarms, clapping, and more. We used HTML, CSS, and JS for the frontend web app. We spent time on prototyping with Photoshop and PowerPoint.

Challenges we ran into

Realtime noise-cancellation is tricky to implement because we need to first listen and identify the sound before being able to cancel it. We tried using Raspberry Pi but had problems with installation and ultimately did not get it to work at the end. :(

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we figured out how to use pyAudioAnalysis and got the CSS to be nice. We also met each other during team-building and are proud of our collaboration to pull this off.

What we learned

We learned how to use pyAudioAnalysis and work with audio in our hardware hack. This was Karisa's very first hardware hack and she learned more about Raspberry Pi even though the Raspberry Pi did not work in the end. We all learned more of CSS using W3Schools. Md, Suparit, and Yunqi learned more about Material Design and UX practices.

What's next for Focus

Improvements to realtime noise-cancellation through Bluetooth and Raspberry Pi. We would like to also give users more customizability in their audio environments. Market research into what is the high value-added that the mass and ADHD population would like.

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