Everyone has task and assignments or had to study at least once, and sometimes all these work come together. Preparing yourself for these high seasons it’s difficult and even more if you have to focus on a subject you absolutely dislike. To avoid getting over-stressed, we got distracted so easily. Our most dangerous enemy it’s our phone. We’re constantly receiving tons of notifications of social media apps, our email or the weather forecast. Despite we try to make our best effort, it is not common to stay concentered for long periods at the same level. We’ve been asking some hackers here at Junction: most of them said they normally are focused on what they’re doing while it is of its interest, and also, they agreed that their distractions increase while the interest decreases.

As students, we wanted to give a solution to this problem. We decided to create a bot, using Microsoft Bot API, which helps you organizing your schedule and your tasks. It works hand by hand with a ghost android App which take control over your smartphone by blocking it and avoiding you to access it. (Except for emergency case, of course). The phone can be block by programing an schedule or at the moment for a custom amount of minutes/hours. Once is block, it doesn’t allow you to write your pin code or draw the pattern by replacing the lock screen with a custom window. And it’ll only unlock itself at the end of the schedule or every 25 min for 5 min to give you some breaks. The bot adds some functionalities, which the main one is create an schedule for your duties. Divided in three categories, you can manage to reproduce your university/school timetable subject by subject, program all exams and/or all your assignments. It can also give you the list of all future activities and/or the next you have programmed, and even how much time is left for an specific task to be started. It helps you giving you a more graphic idea of how much free time you will dispose, and when. - The third functionality is to erase activities for any reason are cancelled.

We built our project using Node.js, Android and the Microsoft Bot API with the Natural Language Recognition API (or LUIS). We use Skype to communicate via life chat with the bot. The backend host by Azure send callback functions to the ghost application who take control over you device.

We had to face issues and problems that challenged us as we had no previous experience both with Microsoft Bot and Azure. So we’re glad we didn’t give up and managed to solve it. We have to admit we couldn’t solve some of them if it weren’t for the help we received from the Skype partners who came to Junction.

This project it is only a prototype compare on what can become. We hope we help students worldwide and make thier studying experience better, and we belive Focus can be far extended adding uncountable features,

We're so glad we develope such project as Focus as it opens us a new door to the AI-bot world we hadn't worked on before Junction. Bots are a crutial tool we'll have to get used to, so we want to be familiar with them.

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