Inspiration: Most apps that help students focus set their own standards upon the user, e.g. Pomodoro timer recommends that the user work for 25 minutes, and take a 5 minute break. Our app helps students learn how long they can work for, by measuring their intervals of productivity. Additionally, it helps students learn when they are most productive, and when they can focus for the longest amount of time.

What it does: Records the amount of time that the user stays focused for, and processes the data to tell the user when they are most focused, and, on average, how long they are focused for. Users will start the timer when they begin studying, and as soon as they feel like they have lost focus, will hit the stop button.

How we built it: We used Android Studio and Java to create the application.

Challenges we ran into: We had trouble reading in the CSV file with all of the recorded times from the user into the progress screen.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Creating a successful android app that runs on an Android Emulator Pixel phone!

What we learned: Android applications are relatively easy to make because the basis of the code is Java.

What's next for waves of focus: A progress screen that displays the user's productivity levels as a bar graph with the time of day on the x-axis, and minutes of productivity on the y-axis, so that users can see at what time of day they focus best.

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