We noticed that there was only tracking of WiFi app usage, but no tracking of mobile network use in the workplace. After realizing the extensive amounts of app usage data available to us, we decided to make mobile network tracking and analysis a reality. Our goal is prevent workplace hazards and accidents, as well as promote engagement and productivity through solutions crafted from personalized data collection and analysis.

What it does

Focus Point filters app usage data within a given time frame and within a given longitude, latitude radius. Focus Point collects data on app names, run time, dates of use, and location that fit the given requirements. The data is then analyzed into various visualizations along with the raw gathered data. Customers can customize which data sets they want to receive and in which forms they wish to receive them.

How we built it

We split the work into categories of presentation, back-end development, front-end development, and product image. Jacky and Brett focused primarily on presentation and product image with some occasional front-end development. Hudson and Jonathan initially were focused on the back-end development until Jonathan eventually switched over to more dedicated front-end work and Hudson became the dedicated back-end developer. We decided to tackle setting up a Node.js server and confirming that we had the right data to make Focus Point a reality. Next we turned our focus to parsing the given data for later usage, designing the interface, and defining our potential inputs and outputs . Afterwards we started actually developing the front-end of the project along with refining our targeted customers, problems we would be solving, and our niche. Finally we hooked up the front-end to the back-end and drafted our presentation/pitch.

Challenges we ran into

Splitting work between members with very different levels of technical expertise and skill sets. Refining our idea into something that is unique and usable by companies. Synthesizing different viewpoints and ideas of what software and languages to use, product image, etc.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are we proud that we were able to create something we feel has unique and has substantial value to a large customer base, come together as a group of strangers and make something awesome, and do it all within 32 hours!

What we learned

We learned that we should make sure to define all high-level aspects and planning of the project as early as possible before starting actual development, and that we should define user roles along with strengths early on as well.

What's next for Focus Point

Creating a user login system to monetize Focus Point with a subscription based system. Adding further customization for output visualizations.

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