We wanted to make a simple side-scrolling game which you could control with either an EEG, an IR hand tracker or a motion tracking armband

What it does

The game is a simple autoscroll game with lava pits and burning rain falling from the sky

How we built it

With LÖVE, a Lua framework

Challenges we ran into

Collision detection was a bit of a challenge to home-roll and interfacing between the Myo and Lua program required lots of work. Finally, there is also the issue that the motion tracking hardware can't always recognise the hand movements so the game is basically unplayable with it, though it works fine with keyboard.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Many of us had never used Lua before and we learned the basics and were able to use it decently well

What's next for Focus

The motion tracking hardware's issues need to be fixed, either with better software and calibration or with different hardware.

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