Do you ever find yourself intending to do work, only to get sidelined by the myriad of distractions online? You've tried time trackers to understand where you are spending your time, but they don't provide enough information and fail to motivate you. On the other hand, website blockers feel too restrictive and are too black and white to support your needs.

Or maybe as an organization you are interested in maximizing the efficiency of your teams and understanding how your company's IT structure can be better improved?

What it does

Sapience provides data-driven insight into your productivity, that leads to actionable recommendations to save you time. Focused is a chrome extension that uses a data-driven approach to go beyond simple monitoring. By seeing a visual interpretation of your browsing activity you can interpret what behaviors lead to unproductivity. Furthermore, ML techniques provide suggestions on how to best improve your time-management and alternative activities for you based on your location and current state.

By providing you with the details of how you spend your time online, Sapience gives you the self-awareness to make b Overall, Sapience saves you time, improves your quality of life, and frees yourself to work on what is most important to you.

How I built it

Sapiences uses a chrome extension to track your browsing history, which is stored on firebase. Data is separated into three categories: work, media, and others and each user is identified by their IP address. By keeping track of your active tab history, we are able to analyze the data using pandas to generate a report on your browsing history. Active feedback is provided through a bluetooth speaker or home IOT device (Alexa), with IBM-Watson and Sox powering the speech to text. Yahoo weather API is utilized to suggest alternative activities for unproductive users.

Challenges I ran into

Our original direction involved creating a social robot companion to motivate your productivity. This approach involved a number of challenges involving limited resources and hardware integration, motivating us to pivot. In the current implementation, analyzing a user's continuous history with pandas was the most challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Despite pivoting from our original social robot direction, we were able to successfully complete the project while maintaining the original technologies and intent of the hack.

What I learned

We learned how to work with limited resources, data analytics, and how to react to challenges.

What's next for Sapience

Addition of more ML techniques as well as better visualizations and reporting. Put on the chrome store to allow everyone to gain insights into their productivity. With more users we will be able to provide more targeted feedback.

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