Our inspiration came from our struggles during the first ever fully online school year. We all experienced difficulties with online learning. Through research we found that loss of focus is the biggest factor in deteriorating students' abilities to focus.

What it does

We built a chrome extension to improve productivity through means of minimizing distractions. There is a whitelist functionality which replicates the feeling of working on a school network. There are a few educational resource websites available, everything else on the internet is blocked by the extension. Whenever we lost focus and wanted to play, the extension would stop us and we would go back to work as there isn't anything else todo.

How we built it

We built this in JavaScript, but we also used html and CSS for the new tab override and popup.

Challenges we ran into

Biggest challenge we ran into was the whitelist functionality. We spent a long time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the local save feature. We found that it was very tedious to re input the whitelist data every time, so we implemented a way to bypass this.

What we learned

This is our first hackathon ever. We learnt a lot of time management and organization skills. As well as learning a lot about chrome extensions. We can make a simple extension to aid in research for example.

What's next for Focus Elements

If we continue development on this extension, we would like to implement an anti - cheat system. This would mean sending screenshots to the teacher after a certain time interval, so the student would not ever decide to cheat or open notes.

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