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At least one in five students with ADHD does not receive needed school-based intervention services.

While looking at the educational statistics, we came across an alarming trend - even with mental health getting more attention in mainstream media, the students with ADHD are often misdiagnosed or not even diagnosed at all. The lack of attention to their educational needs leads to low school performance and even early dropout.

Children, adolescents, and adults with untreated ADHD are at a greater risk for learning difficulties, less academic success, school dropout, and fewer years of schooling.

The problem affects as many as 6.1 million children in the USA, registered as diagnosed with ADHD in 2016, but millions more who have not been diagnosed are struggling with learning as well!

6.1 million children diagnosed with ADHD in the USA

Looking at the problem, we decided that we should tackle the issue by creating a learning mechanism not only for the diagnosed youngsters but for everyone that might have learning difficulties and experiences symptoms close to the ones of ADHD.

Let us present to you FOCUS BUDDY.

What it does ⭐

🌠When you log in, you can choose one character which represents you best out of many with different personalities.
🌠Focus Buddy allows you to create a To-Do list based on your mood - in the morning when you first log into the app you have the opportunity to choose your mood and energy levels.
If you say that you feel ENERGETIC⚡ that day, more to-do slots will appear for you to plan tasks into, while if you are TIRED 💤 or under the weather, a small amount of tasks will not burden you, while keeping you motivated to check them off as done✅.
That enables the student to feel productive even on days they don't really have the energy to study.
🌠There is a Math Mania game - that gamifies learning math➗, making it more fun and attention-grabbing.
The aim of the game is to solve simple math equations for a limited time.

How we built it ⭐

The project was built with...

Challenges we ran into ⭐

❗Our members are in different time zones, but we needed to collaborate efficiently regardless of that.
❗We had to consider the best way to tackle the issue to help as a wider variety of students as possible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of ⭐

Unfortunately, while being an issue that affects millions, the problem of our educational system not being suitable for students experiencing learning difficulties is something that is not talked about enough.
With this project, we hope to shine a light on the problem and start the discussion on creating a more inclusive learning environment with equal opportunities for everyone!

What we learned ⭐

💡 Gamifying a mobile app
💡 Using new Flutter widgets and packages

What's next for Focus Buddy ⭐

Add more games for different subjects;
Add more social aspects to the game to create a community of students;  
Make it more accessible;  

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