Group Members:

Coral Miniel, Leon Kipkoech, Kristian Vazquez and Maria Camila Copo Amador.


As students, we wanted to provide people with a tool that would help them in one of the most difficult things in these steps of life: effective studying and learning.

What it does

We built a website that can help students from minorities to improve their focus and academic performance, as well as help peers that are struggling because the amount of time they dedicate to studying is not giving them the results they deserve. Moreover, the main purpose of this tool is to make studying efficient, less stressful, and more specialized.

How we built it

This project can be divided into three different phases:

  1. Collecting the neural data from the headband with the help of an AI neural net.
  2. Writing, collecting, and creating algorithms to sort the data and handle anomalies, for example when a user moves.
  3. Creation of a web application in which the user can see a graph with their neuronal focus data points, as well as the minimum and maximum values of focus on a determined study period.

Challenges we ran into

The headband only allows connection with android devices, due to time limitations we were unable to implement Machine Learning to train on an individual’s focus activities.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to recollect, sort, analyze and work with data not only because of the organization and complexity of the data but also because of the creation of a website in which there was input and output exchange between the user, the software, and the data in an effective way. In addition to this, as a team, we feel accomplished about being able to divide the task according to members’ skills and goals.

What we learned

Some of the members were unfamiliar with the languages that were being used for the project, hence there was a mentee-mentor relationship between the group members, in this process, ideas were exchanged and the teamwork was built by itself. Moreover, the collection of data through the headband and connection of multiple pages for the website was difficult to put together. This was due to the amount of information that had to be compiled, sorted, and fetched to different places to give an accurate prediction of the amount of time spent focused and the exact study periods in which the student loses focus and the learning curve decreases significantly.

What's next for Focus Buddy

_In our focus report we want to display what topics the user had a low focus percentage on so that they can go back and review those topics when they’re not as distracted. 
-Improve user interface
-Adding personalized backgrounds and designs the user can choose from for the timer screen 
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