As a active developer i have to face common problem while i'm coding like errors, comunications problems, server errors, ect... but i realized that my main problem to acomplish deadlines was that i losed frecuenlty my concentration on oher task or in facebook and whatsapp. So i decide to change and implement Pomodoro Method in my life, this method consist basicaly in focus in one task a time, and work in that task by periods of 30 minuts and make a break of 5 minutes, and this helped me a lot, i haven't no problems whit my scrum master any more.

So i decided tho make an app that helped me and other developers to use this method in a cool way, integrating facebook and diferents ambients with sound and colors that helps you to keep focused.

What it does

Experience how to improve your productivity while coding through facebook is an app that helps developers to improve their productivity while coding:

  • Focus in one task at time
  • Count the time that you spend in each task
  • Show and ambience to get focus faster using ambient sounds and colors
  • Give you a 5 minutes break each 30 minutes automaticaly to see interesting facebook pages of humor and animals , drink some water or do some excersise.
  • Change the ambience each 15 minutos automaticaly
  • Use facebook acount kit to authentication and save you task history and stats

What's next for

I'm working on new awesome features like:

  • have a todo list to have a backlog for your next task.
  • show some graphics about your productivity.
  • check your stress level using computer image vision..
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