The age of omnichannel banking calls for using data to “build up a personalized picture of the customer's preferences and behavior”, and for banks to offer helpful “app-based services such as budgeting or financial planning.” ( We want this these personalized, helpful experiences to be easy.

What it does

FNB Snap! makes banking easier with a natural language processing (NLP) interface, and helpful user interface cards for common interactions (Can I spend?, Show me transactions?, New about my accounts, snapshot of my focus areas, appointment scheduler). This technology that can be deployed across the web, mobile, and physical branches. Our vision includes automatic notification when a customer visits a branch (using opt-in geofencing technology).

How we built it

We had 2.2 developers and 0.8 business analyst building an application using Ember.js, chat integration,

Challenges we ran into

Time, limiting the scope of the prototype. :-)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The integration of an off the shelf natural language processing library was great fun. We are pleased to show a chat/instant-message prototype, and our card based user interface was a joy to build.

What we learned

Lots of cool things! The NLP Compromise library, Bootstrap 4, more Ember.js, slack integration, and a bit about omnichannel banking.

What's next for FNB Snap!

This might continue as a fun hobby project.

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