The Feedbox Mobile SDK
Real-Time and personalized engagement with your mobile app end-users would be great to manage directly from within Salesforce right? Now you can. The Feedbox Mobile SDK creates a powerful bridge between your Salesforce1 Platform and your end-users by enabling two way engagement throughout their experience in your native app. Customers can initiate direct contact from the app to offer feedback or ask questions, with each interaction creating a distinct object within their customer profile, and opening a lead/case/opportunity etc as relevant. What’s more, the SDK enables you to define and deploy “Engagement/Feedback Buttons” within the app, without the need to update the app software….and all this is initiated and managed from within the Salesforce environment. Connecting with users in this way creates powerful opportunities to drive sales, grow loyalty and decrease defection, and all in real-time.
App administrators can also initiate engagement per individual user by automatically pushing In-App communication when a pre-defined scenario occurs. By tracking and analyzing app behavior, scenarios are defined within Salesforce and activated when the trigger occurs. This brings the world of real-time, 1:1 customer experience management directly into the mobile world! Sound complicated? Implementation of the SDK layer couldn’t be easier – it involves no more than one line of source code to be included in the developer application. Position yourself for the next generation of mobile engagement with the Feedbox Mobile SDK. Please note: ebay application is required for the demonstration of the solution.

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