I am vice president of Judo Club, and my roommates are both president of Muslim Student Association and Design Club. One of our main concerns are outreach to people who have never been exposed or club or met our members. It would be hard for them to know about our events, very hard to find our events, and impossible to be on our mailing list. Our best method is to put out little flyers before classes but that is often very tedious and is very time consuming. There are big bulletin boards where we put flyers up, and with this app, that one flyer would be enough because all the event information will a be automatically added to your google calendar!

What it does

You either snap a picture or scan a existing one (screenshot possibly) and the application automatically generates a event on your google calendar.

How I built it

I had to learn swift syntax and learn how to move around xcode's graphical interface.

Challenges I ran into

I could not get xcode to run the app on my phone, and test out the camera feature. After that, I wanted to implement the actual api's. So this project is still a work in progress, and will eventually hit the app store!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I learned something and that's what counts. Next time will be better.

What I learned

Swift, xcode, gradient arrays, icon sizes, splash pages, actionlisteners, buttons

What's next for FlyScan

Further Development

Built With

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