While travelling, there are many important items necessary to keep track of securely. We want to come up with a better solution to juggling crucial physical documents while on the go.

What it does

FlySafe uses blockchain to secure all of your most important travel documents and cards. Your personal information can be accessed remotely with a facial recognition scan. Additionally, the app allows you to quickly find pertinent locations on the move including hotels, airports, hospitals, and embassies. Finally, the currency tool allows the user to quickly view relevant currency information.

How we built it

Microsoft Azure's Face API is used to recognize your face, allowing you to access your data. The BlinkID SDK is used to scan and retrieve the data on cards, IDs, Licenses, and plane tickets. Blockmason's LINK API is used to secure the user's data with blockchain. MapKit is used to display important locations on a map of your surrounding area. XE's Currency Data API is used to display relevant currency information. The app is built with Swift for the iOS mobile platform. A node.js server is used to manage the user's data.

Challenges we ran into

Accessing our blockchain microservice through swift.

What we learned

We learned how to setup a Blockchain mircoservice. We also learned how to integrate many APIs to create one seamless experience.

What's next for FlySafe

Allowing the user to access their important information without access to Internet through text messages.

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