With the countless flyers posted around campus, it is easy to forget about events you want to attend. We wanted to create a solution to this problem with our mobile app Flyr.

Flyr manages events simply by taking a picture of a flyer for it. A form will be automatically filled with the name, date, and location of the event for the poster. Viable alternatives are suggested if you want to change the event data that has been selected. Then, the event is stored and displayed in the app. This way you will not mistakenly miss an event you have an eye on.

Flyr is designed with the angular framework and uses ionic for the mobile app development. With this to build on, our app implements optical character recognition to analyze the pictures you take of posters and manages the data.

During the creation of this app, our team faced several issues. Towards the beginning, our communication and work flow were erratic and sloppy. We encountered conflicting ideas amongst our team. Also, some of the frameworks we built with were new to members of our team. However, we managed to shape our incompatible plans into a cohesive app despite our issues.

We are very proud of the app we managed to build. Implementing effective optical character recognition was difficult, but our team overcame the challenges and created something great.

Over the course of this hackathon, our group has grown immensely, and we have all learned the importance of communication and teamwork. We are appreciative of the opportunity to create and learn in such a positive environment.

There are a plethora of features that will be implemented in the near future, such as exporting events to your calendar, displaying notifications for stored events, and support for a community feature to view posters scanned recently near you. As such, we are excited for the future of Flyr!

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