Predictive analytics for your campus posters! Stop wasting paper and know exactly how to reach your campus audience.

Perfect for student organizations. We predict the best place to hang up your poster, just based on the type of club/organization you run.

How it works (ease of use!)

  1. Create a poster in your favorite poster-making tool.

  2. Upload your poster via our mobile app.

  3. We'll stick unique QR codes on your poster and give you a download link so you can print unique, trackable posters.

How it works (beneficial analytics!)

  1. Hang up your uniquely tracked posters around campus, and scan the QR on each one as you go. When you scan them, we'll keep track of the building and floor number you put it at.

  2. Wait for people to come by and scan your poster...

  3. Hooray! You now know a lot more about your campus audience via our app's analytics dashboard.


Drafting prototype in Adobe XD
We used XD to help prototype.

Mobile prototype built in Expo / React Native
Connects to Flask backend API and uses a MySQL database to relate Organizations to Campaigns and individual Flyers.

What we learned

Our team developed a greater ability to rapidly prototype apps. Our project had a very large scope and this caused for long hours to be spent getting all the moving parts to work. Of course it's nowhere near perfect now, but we were able to achieve a solid minimum viable product with real potential to help campus organizations.

The backend team overcomplicated a lot and too much time was spent trying to get the database working, so in the future we will be more prepared to mock requests and setup testing as early as possible.

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