The alpha version of the app already is live in the appstore and we have about 3500 downloads, many ratings, flight tracks, etc. A more comprehensive PDF deck is available too as this is a bit more developed and we are having some discussions with angel investors and VCs already (nothing in place yet). It is ready to be shared.

I am a regular traveler myself and always found that it is a very closed and protective industry with no reliable metrics. I had a specific experience where the stewardess gave me a rating for for their service but did not give one yo someone who was having issues with them. I gave the from to this other person but the stewardess refused to take it because she gave it to me. it made it clear that all metrics in the industry cannot be trusted and this power needs to be given to the people. We also want to give airlines and airports the tools and info to improve their services and offers where the people want improvements, so this is not an airlines/airport bashing service, but rather something that can bring independent feedback form a large user base to the airlines/airports in a digital format, massive volume and opportunity to engage on a neutral platform.

Our targets are ad-hoc traveler in terms of download and participant numbers (free services) but target the business and regular travelers with premium services and drive monetisation from them. We will sell the ratings data (anonymised) to airlines and airports to use to improve services and also provide a new generation of insurance and compensation to the traveler.

This is our USP. We are engaging insurers (my background and network) to develop a new kind of delay insurance that pays without the user needing to claim himself (seeing that we track the flights), submit prrof for flight cancellations online/via app, and provide guidance where other compensation is due. We have a unique single rating screen that is in development to complete the value creating experience. other features include flight tracking and tweeting with airlines through our handle (so you can tweet even if you don't have a twitter account)

We focus on everything before and immediately after the flight and making that the best for users.

We want to partner here with SFO because we also have ambitions of integrating iBeacon capability into the app for a much more targeted communication and instruction capability as well as for airport/airline passenger management. We also want to integrate this directly with services like Uber, AirBnB and the likes.

We believe that this will be a great tool to improve the travel experience for the millions of travelers in the short term as well as the long term by making it easier for the travelers to share with the airlines and airports what's not working and make things better and get people to love traveling again.

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